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What is AnteBox?

Local products

Find unique and traditional products directly from local producers from around the world.


Whether you are a foody, you miss your country's products or you want to surprise your guests, we have the right products for you.


Shipping is not only complex and expensive, it takes too long! That is why we use travellers, like you, to deliver the requests.


Our network is growing and involves producers, retailers, restaurants and hotels.

Why Join Us?


No Limits

Travelers, like ants, can go anywhere

Personalised Delivery

Receive delivery bids from travellers and select the one you prefer. Contact your traveller through the in-house chat system

Quick delivery.

Your deliveries are made by travellers like yourself, and could reach you even in the same day.

Local Products

Local businesses make their products in small batches and take care of every detail

Home is where you are

Never miss products from your country again!


Visit local shops

Our trips will be so much better if we were able to experience authentic and traditional goods from every country we visit

Get discounts and offers

Our partners are happy to offer you better prices and additional products when you show them you are delivering via AnteBox

Get paid

You have the ability to make delivery bids on requests and get paid when you deliver the products

Support local businesses

These businesses do not have the staff, time or expertise to ship their products abroad.

Great hospitality.

Our local partners are happy to welcome you with offers, free tasting and tours of their areas.