What is Antebox?

Antebox is a unique online marketplace, where local businesses can add their products to sell to people around the world. Unlike ordinary online marketplaces, Antebox provides you access to our dedicated community of deliverers who will pick up your items and deliver them safely to your customers.

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Benefits of working with Antebox


Its completely free to add your products on Antebox. You'll also get a page to add information about your business, such as an 'About story', social media links, photos and videos!

Access to a large marketplace

As Antebox hosts a mutltitude of different businesses, you'll be exposing your business and products to an enormous customer base.

Personal contact with customers

Antebox enables you to directly be in contact with your customers, allowing you to build strong relationships for returning customers.

User friendly

Antebox is a purpose built marketplace, designed to be user-friendly for both customers and businesses.

Prior payments

As part of Antebox's crowd delivery strategy, you'll be paid for your products before they have been shipped.

Online technical support

Antebox's team is available to offer you technical support at all stages of your sale.

"Very innovative idea, it will really help businesses sell online"

How does it work?

Let's see a quick example of how you can start selling products on Antebox!

A customer makes a request for your product

First, a customer on our website will make a request for one of your products. They will also be able to leave a message.

All the details of the request are clearly outlined

The request page clearly shows all the necessary details required such as from where it needs to be picked up, and where exactly it needs to be delivered.

Deliverers and businesses can begin making bids for delivering the product

Deliverers from Antebox's community will be able to begin making bids to deliver the items in the request. Alternatively, as business you may also choose to deliver your products via a traditional delivery service such as DHL.

Making a bid

When making a bid, deliverers are able to specify their asking cost for delivery, and the approximate delivery date. To make your customers feel safe, deliverers can also leave a message.

The customer can now begin accepting bids

The customer will now have a selection of bids to accept from. If they don't accept any, anyone can make further bids. Once a bid is accepted, money will be transferred to your designated account (bank or PayPal). Antebox will only deduct a processing of up to 4% of the total transaction, and charge the customer an additional 12.5% to secure the payment.


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